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Our all new ETrek model represents a transition to expand our model range to on road use. The ETrek is versatile as it comes with a traditional comfortable seat which adapts it well for legal street use. Perfect for use in the city or o road, its light weight at 95 kg is an amazing riding experience. Make it your first choice.

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Years of research, design and testing Electric Motion motorcycles lead to the evolution and production of our lightest and most economical trial bike in our product range with no loss in performance and efficiency. Equipped with same frame and dependable performance as our Sport edition the Lite is a perfect fit for leisure and rigorous riding challenges!

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Each and every component on the Sport was developed with the focus on a high quality performance technology design. The current version is equipped with all the features you’d expect from a premium machine such as New Tech aluminium forks, R16V aluminium shock absorber, Xlite Michelin tires, new CNC clamps and new aluminium protector plate.

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The Escape boasts the longest range of all our trial models. Developed for extreme use, the Escape is a nimble motorcycle with the torque and power that allows you overcome the toughest terrain and extreme obstacles. Now you can explore forests, reach peaks and regenerate down mountain, silently, with the Escape.

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Don’t believe electric is as good as petrol? Why not experience the touque and agility of the next generation of trials bikes today and book your test drive below.

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